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My debut non-fiction book, LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO, is out on 9th May 2024, published by Simon & Schuster. 

What does it mean to be a FAN?

From the history of fandom to the current obsessive landscape, this zeitgeisty guide explores everything from stalkers to super fans... Looking at how and when fandom began, to fan hierarchy, social media culture and and much much more, this companion is a love letter to anyone who has followed, admired or supported something. Perfect for Swifties and the ideal companion to the Eras Tour, and for fans everywhere. 

LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO features interviews and quotes from DeuxMoi, the founder of Swiftageddon, author Holly Bourne, the hosts of Celebrity Memoir Book Club and more. This book spans 20+ years of personal and professional learnings about fandoms, parasocial relationships, Gen-Z/youth culture, celebrity and - of course - a subject I know all too well: the unstoppable Taylor Swift. I love fans and fan culture SO much, and to be able to write about it in the context of Taylor and her amazing fanbase is my wildest dreams come true. There is so much packed in - the history of fans, SwiftTok, celeb stalkers, anticelebrities, Gaylor, gossip culture and more.

You can pre-order LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO here.

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